>> 1st edition of the Urban Nomad Film Fest, Mar. 8-10 at Huashan Arts Disctrict, Taipei
Over 150 people attend Saturday night for a party atmosphere of short film and experimental performances.

Urban Nomad Taichung, Mar. 22 at Stock 20, Taichung
Short films and experimental performance Urban Nomad, Apr. 18-19 at Huashan Arts District, Taipei. A program of 25 short films.

2004 Urban Nomad Film Fest, Mar. 27-28 at Huanshan Arts District, Taipei
The program includes 30+ short films and one feature film.

2005 Urban Nomad Film Fest, Mar. 25-27 at Treasure Hill, Taipei
Around 45 short films screened outdoors. The final evening is a screening of the feature film, The Bombs of Kinmen, on 35mm for the elderly residents of the community.
Urban Nomad Taichung, May 28 at Stock 20, Taichung – 1 program of short films.

>> 2006 Urban Nomad Film Fest, Apr. 13-16 at Huashan Arts District, Taipei
40+ films screened over four days, including several feature films.
UN @ National Chengchi University, May 17
After seeing our festival, students organized and promoted a screening of several shorts and the feature Surviving Beijing.

2007 Urban Nomad Film Fest, Apr. 27-May 5 at Taipei Artist Village, Taipei and Nanhai Gallery
Nearly 100 short films and 6 feature films, all indies or underground works from 10 countries. We invite film producer Nick Bonner from Beijing and screen a number of short films from China and southeast Asia.
Urban Nomad Hsinchu (touring program), May 19-31 at Hsinchu Image Museum, Hsinchu
The full program tours to Hsinchu.
Scope Art Fair, Basel Switzerland, June 11-17
Urban Nomad’s David Frazier is awarded an independent curator award by the Scope Art Fair. Screenings take place 7 days for 10 hours a day, and include a mix of VJing and set programming.
Scope Art Fair, Miami, USA, Dec. 5-9
Urban Nomad is invited back to Scope and given a US$15,000 setup including 2 high-power projectors, a 5m-tall screen visible from the fair's entrance, and a projection booth designed by German artist Boris Hoppek.

Urban Nomad HK
March 7-9 at Videotage (Kowloon), Imperial Cinema (Wanchai), and KLUUBB (Wanchai)
Screening of Taiwanese short films, activist films and Nick Bonner’s documentary “Crossing the Line,” the story of a US GI who defected to North Korea in the 1960s and has lived there ever since, and “Pervert’s Guide to the Cinema.”

2008 Urban Nomad Film Fest
April 24 – May 2 at Taipei Artist Village, Paris Night Club, Nanhai Gallery (Taipei)
May 3 – 16 at Hsinchu Image Museum, Hsinchu
81 films including 58 short films from Taiwan. Total attendance in Taipei of 1000+. Director
Waise Azimi visits from the Philippines with his documentary “Standing Up” on basic training in

Urban Nomad Film Program at the 2008 Taipei Biennial
Sep 14 – Oct 18 at Taiwan Beer Factory (Taipei)
Weekly free screenings of independent documentaries and features related to the biennial’s
themes of migration, social upheaval, war, poverty and similar issues. The screening area
includes a gigantic bamboo sculpture by Luxemburg artist Bert Theis. Total attendance is 1000+ for six screenings, with the final screening drawing 200+.