Monday, January 20, 2014

New in 2014: Music Video Sessions!

Urban Nomad has been supporting Taiwanese short film since 2002, and now we want to expand on that with a brand new NT$10,000 prize for the Best Taiwanese Indie Music Video. That is why we are creating a new festival section called Music Video Sessions. In addition to giving a cash prize for Taiwan's best indie music video, we will also invite bands and video directors to special Music Video Sessions where they can present and discuss their works in front of an audience. The goal is to support creativity in music and film, and also generate a sense of community between musicians, filmmakers and other creative types. Music Video Sessions is created in partnership with the website, and the $10,000 prize for Best Taiwanese Indie Music Video is donated by the Revolver live house.

Submissions are super easy, especially if your video is already on YouTube or Vimeo. You can make an online submission through the following link:

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Urban Nomad Film Fest Call For Submissions! Shorts! Features! New Media!


2014 DEADLINE: March 3, 2014
(no submission fee is required)

For the 2014 Urban Nomad Film Fest, we want to work more closely with Taiwan's filmmakers, and also renew the focus of short films to include more types of content and creativity. We believe our short film segment should be more in step with changing times and technologies, because now videos are made by everyone and viewed everywhere. We will of course continue to welcome traditional short films, but in addition we will also expand the short film section to include new media, “YouTube stars” and music videos. Our goal is to present a full spectrum of creativity. So if you are an indie band with a new video, please send it in! If you have your own YouTube channel or are using video on social media, please submit your work! And if you are an indie filmmaker, you are always welcome at Urban Nomad!

In 2014, Urban Nomad's short film competition will have three prizes and total cash awards of NT$40,000. An independent jury will award two prizes, a top prize of NT$20,000 and a second prize of NT$10,000. There is also an Audience Choice Award of $10,000 voted by the viewers.

Short films are defined as 45 minutes or less and:
1) by filmmakers who are residents of Taiwan,
2) films produced in Taiwan, or
3) films with some strong connection to Taiwan.

There are no restrictions on nationality. Urban Nomad has the right to decide all questions of eligibility for competitions.

If you have a feature length film, or are not a Taiwanese director, we absolutely welcome you! Promoting Taiwanese films is a priority for Urban Nomad. We have screened Taiwan features in each of the last three years to sold-out audiences, introducing films like Taiwan Oyster, Godspeed Taiwan and Voices in the Clouds to local audiences. We are mainly interested in hosting Taiwan premiers of new films. If you have a new feature film, please feel free to contact us. We will work hard to help launch your film and are happy to coordinate with your plans for marketing and promotion.

Urban Nomad also welcomes international submissions for both shorts and feature-length films. We have these in our program every year, and we annually support international director visits and film screenings. If you are an overseas film director, producer or film agent and have any questions, feel free to contact us.

If you are planning to submit a feature film (longer than 45min), we suggest that you submit as early as possible, or else contact us by email with details about your film. The deadline for feature-length films is the same as for short films (March 3, 2014), but planning for the feature film programs begins much earlier, so submitting in January or February will give you a big advantage.

In addition to the chance to win cash prizes, film directors gain access to Urban Nomad events including screenings, parties, discussions and other events. Your film will be listed in our annual catalog, on our website and publicity materials. It will also be seen by hundreds or possibly thousands of people in at least three cities in Taiwan.


Urban Nomad Film Fest
3F, #6, Lane 6, Sec. 1, Hangzhou South Rd, Taipei


 - Deadlines are for RECEIVING films (not mailing films).
 - Short films must be 45 minutes or less
 - We accept submissions of both short films and feature length films
 - Films under 15 minutes stand a greater chance of getting accepted.
 - It is an advantage if your film has both Chinese and English. Ideally, Chinese language films should have English subtitles, and all other films should have Chinese subtitles.
 - Year of production must be 2012 or later
 - Do not submit the same film you submitted in previous years.
 - Each film should be on its own, separate DVD.
 - You can send more than one DVD (and application form) per package.
 - You must include one application form for every film you submit.
 - If your film is selected, will try to screen it in a high quality format, such as HD digital file. For submissions, we request DVD, .mov or .mpg mainly for convenience of previewing. It is fine to send HD quality .mov or .mpg files.

urbannomadfilmfest *at* gmail *dot* com