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"Over the past decade, the Urban Nomad Film Festival has brought some of the most exciting and thought-provoking indie films from around the world to Taipei."
- Catherine Shu, Taipei Times Link to article

"Every April, their group comes together to cultivate a little patch of green, and then they go away. A crowd gathers around, and in the dessert of the political media's incessant screaming about freedom, democracy, life and death, at least we have this oasis."
- eWeekly ( Link to article

"You could say the keywords for this film festival are 'revolt', 'rock 'n roll' and 'counter-culture.' To me, nearly every film carries this kind of appeal."
- TC Chang (張鐵志), author, columnist for Apple Daily and numerous other media 

"Urban Nomad is a super cool film festival that brings together hipsters, extreme views, cult tastes and environmentalism."
 - Ryan Zheng (鄭秉泓), film critic, author of The Love and Death of Taiwan Cinema 《台灣電影愛與死》

"Last year's opening party was one of the top three parties of the year. The deeper into the night, the more beautiful, and the later it got, the more it was going off."
- Chen Te-cheng (陳德政), music critic, author of All Tomorrow's Parties《給所有明日的聚會》


CTI News Channel, Sisy Chen's talk show: 1-hour report on "If a Tree Falls"
SET News: report on "Growthbusters" 三立新聞報導《錢鬼剋星》人口爆炸危機
SET News: report on "If a Tree Falls" 三立新聞 報導《大樹悲歌:地球解放陣線的故事》
SET News: report on "Greenpeace: The Story" 三立新聞報導《綠色和平:行動40年》

TVBS News: report on "Winnebago Man"
《史上最憤怒的男人》暴怒成名 最憤怒的男人紅到台灣

UFO Radio: interview with Urban Nomad director David Frazier about the "Design Film Fest x Urban Nomad" event (in Chinese, 30min: Part 1, Part 2)

Design Cinema x Urban Nomad (2012): Selected reports
The film series "Design Cinema x Urban Nomad" was reported by: UFO Radio, Happy Radio, The China Times, GQ, Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue, The Big Issue, Taipei Times, PPaper Fashion, Yahoo Movies, eWeekly (, MOT/Times, La Vie Magazine, Street Voice, Yes Entertainment,, ETtoday, MSN, Epoch Times, New Tang Dynsasty TV, WoWoNews, and other media.

China Times
UNpress_China Times2
Report on "How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?"

GQ and Marie Claire
UNdesign_press_GQ+Marie Claire
Design Cinema is recommended in GQ's "Most Wanted" and "Marie Claire Loves" sections

2012 Urban Nomad Film Fest: selected reports
The 2012 annual film festival was reported by: SET News (TV), CTI News (TV), UFO Radio
Print: The China Times, GQ, Marie Claire, The Big Issue, Central News Agency, Liberty Times, United Daily News, POTS, Cue Magazine, Want News, Bios Monthly, PPaper
Web: Elle, Vogue, Wired Taiwan, Yahoo Movies, MSN, eWeekly (, Street Voice,, Now News, ETtoday, and other media

China Times
Report on "William Burroughs: A Man Within", "Kinshasa Symphony" and other films

Report on "We Were Here"

English reports:
Taipei Times: 2012 festival preview
Taipei Times: director interview with Mark Jarrett, director of "Taiwan Oyster"

Chinese reports:
POTS festival preview: 《十年的逐水草而居,2012城市遊牧影展》
POTS interview with graffiti artist Candy Bird:《黑夜中的城市行動者─塗鴉藝術家Candy Bird和他的蘿蔔人》
China Times on "We Were Here":《那些年,我們在這裡》
Central News Agency on "Taiwan Oyster":《台灣牡蠣 老美拍寶島公路電影》

2011 Urban Nomad Film Fest: selected reports
Taipei Times
Film Report: "Nomad, No Limits": Link to article
Music Report: interview with Danny Perez and I.U.D. 
Film Report: interview with Voices in the Clouds director Tony Coolidge

Cue Magazine
cue magazine
Feature interview with Urban Nomad programmer David Frazier

The Big Issue
TBI13_David Frazier
Feature interview with Urban Nomad programmer David Frazier

2011 Urban Nomad Film Fest: selected reports
Taipei Times
Film report: "Urban Nomad Settles In": Link to article
Music report: "Mimie Chan Doesn't Mean a Thing": Link to article
Film report: "From Flipper's Keeper to Activist" Link to article