Tuesday, May 5, 2015

2015 Urban Nomad Film Festival Official Website

Hi everyone, 2015 Urban Nomad Film Festival has an official website now. Please find all of 2015 film festival info here: 

← Click the picture to download the screening schedule as .pdf

Thursday, April 2, 2015

2015 Feature/Short Film Selections

Here is the list of short films that will be screened in the 2015 Urban Nomad Feature/Short Film Program. We will send out more info about the screening schedule and all the films very soon, but for now, here is the list of OFFICIAL SELECTIONS.

--Official Selection--

Monday, March 16, 2015

Our Opening Party...is now a Music Festival!

SHRIMP MANIA! 蝦蝦蝦!蝦到你! 2015遊牧影展戶外派對!
Urban Nomad’s Outdoor Music Fest

★★★★ 派對資訊 | BASIC PARTY INFO ★★★★

時間 | Time: 4/18 (Sat / 六), 2pm - midnight
地點 | Place: 微遠虎山 台北市信義區福德街221巷186-1號
Tiger Mountain, No.186-1, Ln. 221, Fude St., Xinyi Dist, Taipei
門票 | Tix: $500 advance / $650 door
預售 | Buy Tickets: www.iNDIEVOX.com, KGB, AMPM, Toasteria, Shrimp Daddy
資訊|Info: www.urbannomad.tw

很廟的舞台 | MAIN STAGE:
Autopsy of a Dead Shrimp (JP), 司卡拉OK大樂隊Skaraoke, 白目樂隊White Eyes, 馬克白Macbeth, 森林合唱團Forests, Marcus Aurelius, Golden (JP), DC & the Funky Duds and more!

華衛音樂自救會, Hi-Five, Resident Soul, and more to be announced!

This year Urban Nomad’s opening party will morph into a full-blown music festival, with seven bands on a main stage, a DJ stage, a full day outdoor music festival, vendors, and okay, here’s the thing -- THE SHRIMPS ARE COMING! You may think you have seen shrimps before, but you have never seen shrimps like these. They are an eight-piece funk band from Japan that takes the stage dressed as prawns, playing wild, tribal, 70s lo-fi funk. We have filled out the rest of the lineup with the best bands and DJs we can find: Skaraoke, White Eyes, Macbeth, Forests, Marcus Aurelius and others. And we’ve asked them to create the strangest, wildest musical performances they can. Because this is SHRIMP MANIA!!! Guaranteed to be Taiwan’s shrimpiest concert ever!

★★★★ 地點與交通 | LOCATION & TRANSPORT ★★★★

捷運1:後山埤站, 走路約10-15分鐘可抵達
捷運2:象山站, 走路約20-25分鐘可抵達, 或轉信義幹線公車到奉天宮站
開車:微遠虎山隔壁有付費停車場, 30元/小時

Miculture Foundation is a private estate in a small valley at the bottom of Elephant Mountain, just a 5-minute taxi ride from Taipei 101.
Address: #186-1, Lane 221, Fude St., Xinyi Dist, Taipei.
MRT: Houshanpi Station, 12 minute walk
MRT: Xiangshan Station, 20 minute walk (or take the Xinyi Line bus to Fengtian Temple)
DIRECTIONS: Follow Xinyi Rd until it becomes Fude St. Continue for 1km and turn right at the brown sign to the Fengtian Temple (奉天宮). Walk past the temple 150 meters, up a hill and you will see signs for SHRIMP MANIA on your left.
CAR PARKING: available for $30 / hour
MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/6ZvQg

★★★★ 樂團與DJ的介紹 | BANDS & DJs ★★★★


Formed in 2001 in Kyoto, the Drowned Shrimps started out playing shrimp funk in little known reefs and backwater tide pools, with more than 100 shrimp musicians cycling through their ranks. In 2013, they made their way out of the ocean and up mountain streams to Fuji Rock, where they won “Best Rookie Band”, getting more than twice the votes of any other band. In 2014, they were assigned to play one of Fuji Rock’s main stages and stupefied an audience of 5,000 land-walking humans, in a late-night shrimp mania dance party. Other gigs have followed. They have been called “the weirdest band in the world” on more than one occasion. This does not bother them, because they are shrimps.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Hey Taiwan, Get Ready for Urban Nomad 2015!

We are happy to announce Urban Nomad's dates and events for 2015. The festival has expanded to a longer format. Instead of an all too quick 10 days in the theater, this year events will cover a full month. We will kick off on April 17 with a special event, with special events every weekend until we finally occupy the comfortable seats of Ximen's LUX Cinema from May 8 to 17.

Highlights include our annual opening party on Saturday, April 18, which has grown to a stand-alone full-day music festival, with 8 bands, 5 DJs and the surprises the Urban Nomad Party is known for. But basically we are doing this because we believe alternative environments are extremely valuable and make for great events. Not only are they better for socializing, they also allow more experimental events and hybrid events, such as films together with live performances, or.... there are announcements coming soon, and they will be exciting.

The films will be the same high standard of international documentary and indie film you have grown accustomed to, as well as the best of Taiwan. The international section will feature more than 20 Taiwan premiers. The competition section is for the first time open to feature films, and we will host several world premiers of feature films. Submissions of short films and music videos numbered around 300, including lots of outstanding work. The jury will include an international curator from a top US film festival, which will not only bring a new set of eyes to evaluate Taiwanese films, it will also provide the potential for screening outside Taiwan.

The basic info is below. We look forward to seeing you all at the 2015 Urban Nomad Film Fest!


Warm-up Events: every weekend from April 17

Party: 4/18 (Sat) 2pm to midnight
Party Location: Tiger Mountain (台北虎山), #186-1, Lane 221, Fude St, Xinyi District, Taipei (台北市信義區福德街221巷186-1號)
Party Tickets: www.indievox.com

Film Fest: May 8 - 17 
Film Fest Location: LUX Cinema in Ximen, #85, Sec 2, Wuchang St, Taipei (台北市萬華區武昌街二段85號)
Film Line-up Announcement: coming in early April, tickets through www.books.com.tw

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Film Submissions Are Closed ~ and yes! Don't worry! We will watch your film!

Film submissions for the 2015 Urban Nomad Film Festival is now officially closed. Around 300 shorts, features and music videos were submitted from Taiwan and all corners of the world. Our film selection committee is hard at work enjoying and appraising your creations. Thank you so much for participating!

Please click the following links to check the complete submission lists to make sure we got your films:

Short/ Feature Film Submission list: http://goo.gl/eXEMjo
Music Video Submission list: http://goo.gl/RQeNyw

Our screening committee will begin the selection process soon. Official Selections to the festival will be announced in early April! Thank you again for your patience, and please keep following our news for this the Urban Nomad Film Fest at this blog.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Music Video Sessions competition announced!

We're happy to announce our second annual MUSIC VIDEO SESSIONS competition section. Last year's first edition was fantastic, and MTV has stepped in to help us give even more exposure to videos in the competition, and we think that's a great way to help support indie bands!

Urban Nomad's "Best Indie Music Video" prize was created to support Taiwan's local indie music scene. Once the 2015 nominees are announced in April, MTV will show the nominees as part of normal programming, with videos identified onscreen as “Urban Nomad Top 10 MV of 2015”. MVs will be screened at the festival before music-themed feature films and directors and bands will be invited for Q&As.

Music Videos (MVs) can be 1) by Taiwanese bands or artists, 2) by Taiwanese directors, or 3) by directors or musicians living in Taiwan. In case there are questions of eligibility, Urban Nomad has the right to decide the eligibility any submitted MV. You must apply online, and please note, the Music Video Form is different from the Film Application Form!

Go to the: Music Video Submissions Form

See more on competition rules and suggestions by clicking on the link below.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DEADLINE: March 2, 2015
(no submission fee is required)


Urban Nomad’s annual competition is for Taiwanese films and music videos, with total prizes in 2015 of at least $50,000. We also have non-competition sections for international films, including both features and shorts.

In 2015, Urban Nomad is opening its main prize to Taiwanese films of any length. Previously, the competition was limited to Taiwanese short films only, but since we receive submissions of several feature-length films every year, we have decided to make narrative features and documentary features eligible for the main prize.

Internet videos can count as short films! We would also like to emphasize that the competition is open to Internet-based videos, including those created for YouTube, Vimeo or other platforms. Internet films will be considered as short films and are welcome to join the competition.

We are also looking for Taiwanese feature films that can be considered as an opening or closing film for our festival. To be considered, your film must be a Taiwan premier.

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