Wednesday, March 13, 2013


In the true festival spirit, we are going to have a whole lotta fun on our opening weekend. We have invited electro dance rockers Mop of Head from Japan, after seeing them rock the socks off of 5,000 people at Fuji Rock last year. We also have one of our favorite DJs from our favorite label, Mad Decent ~ South Rakkas Crew, says The Guardian, produces “some of the most electrifying dance music on the planet.” Juicy Lero Lero, a Cosplay weirdness band from Japan, will add double shot of insanity. DJ Noodles just tore it up so much at our stage for the Mega Port festival in early March we couldnt not invite her back. DJ Marcus Aurelius is a rock steady party stalwart, Pro Res makes a Taipei debut from Brickyard in Kaohsiung, Hang in the Air is one of the best reggae bands on the island, and there will be an 8bit DJ + VJ show by up and comers Physical Chemical Brothers. Eight hours of fun, people! Remember to stretch :)

時間|Time: 4/27 (Sat/六) 7:30pm doors
地點|Place:Huashan 1914 Creative Park 1, Sec 1, Bade Rd
                         華山1914創意園區 台北市八德路一段1號3東A
門票|Ticket: $800 door / $650 advance (on sale from 3/20)
預售|Buy tix:, AMPM, KGB, Toasteria, Screaming (3/18 starts)

★★★★ MOP of HEAD ★★★★

Tokyo's Mop of Head have played big stages at Fuji Rock in each of the past two years, had their song "Retronix Symphony" listed as one of the top tracks of 2011 by BBC Radio 1 DJ Gilles Peterson, and supported the Japanese tour of the German electro-house duo Digitalism. Think Justice, Daft Punk or Boyz Noize, but coming from a 4-piece band. When we saw them rocking a dance party of 5,000 at Fuji Rock last year, we knew they had to play Urban Nomad!!! Though band members claim rock influences like Led Zepplin, Primal Scream, Hi-Standard and Stevie Wonder, the band initially came together because they wanted to figure out how to play live rock versions of breakbeats, dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, house and club music in general. Then they added electronic loops, which they distort and manipulate live. Its been almost a year since we last saw them play. We cant friggin wait!

★★★★ SOUTH RAKKAS CREW (Mad Decent) ★★★★

“SOUTH RAKKAS CREW make some of the most electrifying dance music on the planet.”—The Guardian

“When it comes to knowing what mashes a dance, few production outfits can match South Rakkas Crew.”—Pitchfork

Rugged dancehall, shameless pop, hipster electro bangers, rude dubstep—fuck it, South Rakkas does it all. They can flex from Beenie Man and Bounty Killer one moment, T-Pain the next, and then on to the likes of M.I.A., Lily Allen, Beck, Duran Duran, Justin Timberlake, The Bug, Warrior Queen, Britney Spears, and Shakira—all of whom have been touched by South Rakkas’ edgy studio savvy. South Rakkas Crew came together in a Toronto recording studio a decade ago, then moved to Florida to become a crucial part of ‘N Sync’s production team, and then migrated even further south to Kingston, Jamaica, where they produced their first self-credited dancehall riddims (the hits “Clappas,” “Red Alert,” “Bionic Ras,” “Chinkuzi” anyone?). Production work for stars like Vybz Kartel, Mr. Vegas, Elephant Man followed, and by 2008 beat king Diplo was releasing South Rakkas EPs on his Mad Decent label. Soon, Thom Yorke was dropping the Boy 8-Bit mix of “Mad Again” while guest DJing on Gilles Peterson’s BBC radio show, and trip-hop titan Tricky chose South Rakkas to remix his entire West Knowle Boy album, garnering rapturous press. The BBC called it “a collision of exotic and intoxicating rhythms that dance around truly body-rocking beats, hammered and glued into forms that enthrall and excite… Tricky Meets South Rakkas Crew is an electrifying listen, invigorating the parts Tricky can’t usually reach.” In 2009, M.I.A personally selected South Rakkas to open her N.E.E.T. label showcase. Now in Taipei, group founder Dennis D-Rakkas Shaw makes his first ever visit, following a year of eight releases that covered Dubstep, Moombahton, Trap and, of course, SRC’s classic Electro-Dancehall. Get ready to sweat this one out!

★★★★ JUICY LERO LERO (x Mimie Chan) ★★★★

Juicy Lero Lero is a supergroup formed out of two bands that will live for ever in Spring Scream lore, Mimie Chan and Miracle Saru. Mimie Chan first came to Taiwan in 1999 as an 8-piece band with a full horn section of women dressed either as geishas or replicant clones of Marie Antoinette. The music was a mix of British ska, punk, Cosplay and Japanese freakouts. Miracle Saru meanwhile was the unstoppable force of trance rock, playing 45minute jammed out sets that held the power of a three-minute AC/DC tune. In recent years, these two bands have merged, adding stoner funk to the freakouts, ska, rock and costume party antics. If "weird" and "awesome" could be combined into a single word, it would be Juicy Lero Lero.

★★★★ DJ NOODLES ★★★★

We love the heck out of Noodles and know she is not one of Taiwans top DJs for nothing. Since she made it to the world finals of the DMC DJ competition, ending up in the top 13, she has taken the stage with almost every top act in hip hop, electro or turntablism to come through Taipei, including Diplo, DJ Q-Bert, DJ Kentaro, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Naughty By Nature, Far East Movement and more. Last year her set at Urban Nomad just after Trippple Nippples was pretty epic. People still talk about it, so we are bringing her back again, coz we are always happy to have Noodles in the house!

7:30 DOORS / 8pm START

*schedule subject to change


★ (on sale from 3/20)

★KGB 台北市師大路114巷5號 5, Lane 114, Shida Rd, (02) 2363-6015
★Toasteria (忠孝) 台北市忠孝東路4段248巷2號 2, Ln 248, Sec 4, Zhongxiao E Rd
★Toasteria (敦南/Tunhua) 台北市敦化南路1段169巷3號 3. Lane 169, Sec 1, Tunhua S Rd
★AMPM 忠孝東路四段205巷26弄5號1樓C店面 5, Alley 26, Ln 205, Sec 4, Zhongxiao E Rd門票 $800 / 預售 $650
★Screaming (西門/Ximen)台北市昆明街109號B1-1 B1 109, Kunming St (02)-2389-6936

★★★★ MOP of HEAD music videos ★★★★

★★★★ SOUTH RAKKAS CREW music videos ★★★★