Monday, April 21, 2014

Opening Party in an Original Red Envelope Club

Urban Nomad is returning to Ximending for the first time in 5 years. This party will pay homage to the neighborhood, mixing a crazy retro vibe with future modern performances. The venue is unique to Ximending, a 60s-style night club. Some of the club’s old-Shanghai-style singers will perform classic songs in satin dresses, then we’ll move on to weird rock, half-naked Japanese avant-garde electronic musicians, and bands and DJs that bridge the gap between the future and the past. The host for the evening will be who else? The ultimate electronic tai-ke showman, Xiao-ying (of the film Cape No. 7) and his band, The Clippers.

Red Envelope Clubs came to Taiwan in 1960s, trying to recreate the glamour of Shanghai nightlife. Now, there are only three such clubs left in Taiwan. They are called Red Envelope Clubs, because customers give red envelopes containing tips to the singers. If you are a good enough tipper, maybe a beautiful Shanghai Rose will share a few drinks with you at your table, or maybe something more.

We will invite several of the original Red Envelope Club singers to perform early in the evening. But this won’t be completely old school. The sound system will be our own, and after 11pm, the music will turn to electronic and avant-garde. So get a taste of old Taiwan, then party like you mean it!

Time:5/10 (六/Sat) 8pm - late
Place:Fenghuang Night Club 鳳凰大歌廳
Add:5F #159 Xining S Rd (台北市西寧南路159號5樓)
Ticket: $600 (Early Bird till 4/20) / $700 (Pre Sale) / $900 (At Door) 1 drink included
Online Ticket Sales:

★★★★ GROUP A (JP) 樂團介紹 ★★★★

Group A are a japanese avant-garde noise music and visual arts group from Tokyo that were formed in 2012. The group comprises Tommi Tokyo (vocal/synthesizer/beat) and Sayaka Botanic (violin/keyboard). Since the group played their first gig at an art gallery opening party in Tokyo, they have been playing gigs non-stop. Their shows consist of avant-garde blow out noise, electronic beats and performance art, such as live painting that is notoriously half-naked.


★★★★ 夾子電動大樂隊 CLIPPERS ★★★★

The Clippers have always been about showmanship. Led by the comedian, performer and actor Xiao-ying (from the film Cape No. 7), they are one of Taiwan’s first bands to self-consciously bring retro-styles into rock. Here, Xiao-ying will prepare a special comedic set of music and comedy. He will also invite one of the regular singers from the Fenghuang Night Club to perform with the band.

★★★★ 放客兄弟 Funky Brothers ★★★★

Some say you can control your body, but can't control your heart. But the funky brothers will have you all out of control! Led by funk diva Airy Liu, who will fit the Red Envelope vibe with a classic chipao look, Taiwan's premier funk band will deliver one funky monster of a set.

★★★★ Kid Millionaire ★★★★

By incorporating samples and elements of Electro, House and DnB into their live show KID MILLIONAIRE has quickly become one of the most talked about bands in town. Call it DANCE-ROCK, ELECTRO-POP or anything else, one things for're going to dance.


Playing Taiwan’s first ever Juke/Jersey Club Set! (Coz why not?)

DJ Marcus Aurelius first descended upon Taiwan 15 years ago from the Planet Chronicton and has been running laps around DJs at 33 1/3 rotations per minute ever since. Influenced by betel nut stains, hugs held too long, long lines at the ARC office, and the color gray, Aurelius plays anything and everything and all inbetween. Expect the unexpected when the sounds of Juke and Jersey club wreck Urban Nomad's dance floor all night long.

★★★★ DJ @LLEN (Just One Fix) ★★★★

When it gets late and groovy, who better to spin than the Godfather of Taiwanese electronica? Playing house, deep house, and deeper house.


★★★★ Ticket Locations | 預售票 ★★★★

KGB: 5, Lane 114, Shida Rd, (02) 2363-6015
Toasteria I: 2, Ln 248, Sec 4, Zhongxiao E Rd
Toasteria III (Tunhua): 3. Lane 169, Sec 1, Tunhua S Rd
AMPM: 5, Alley 26, Ln 205, Sec 4, Zhongxiao E Rd
Screaming: (Ximen) B1 109, Kunming St (02)-2389-6936