Thursday, February 5, 2015

Music Video Sessions competition announced!

We're happy to announce our second annual MUSIC VIDEO SESSIONS competition section. Last year's first edition was fantastic, and MTV has stepped in to help us give even more exposure to videos in the competition, and we think that's a great way to help support indie bands!

Urban Nomad's "Best Indie Music Video" prize was created to support Taiwan's local indie music scene. Once the 2015 nominees are announced in April, MTV will show the nominees as part of normal programming, with videos identified onscreen as “Urban Nomad Top 10 MV of 2015”. MVs will be screened at the festival before music-themed feature films and directors and bands will be invited for Q&As.

Music Videos (MVs) can be 1) by Taiwanese bands or artists, 2) by Taiwanese directors, or 3) by directors or musicians living in Taiwan. In case there are questions of eligibility, Urban Nomad has the right to decide the eligibility any submitted MV. You must apply online, and please note, the Music Video Form is different from the Film Application Form!

Go to the: Music Video Submissions Form

See more on competition rules and suggestions by clicking on the link below.
- The March 2, 2015 deadlines is for RECEIVING films (not mailing films).
- Short films are defined as 40 minutes or less
- Feature length films of 40 minutes or more are now eligible for competition
- A film qualifies as Taiwanese if the filmmakers is Taiwanese, OR the filmmaker is a resident of Taiwan, OR the film is produced in Taiwan.
- Year of production must be 2013 or later
- It is an advantage if your film has both Chinese and English. Ideally, Chinese language films should have English subtitles, and all other films should have Chinese subtitles.
- Films under 15 minutes stand a greater chance of getting accepted.
- If you created a 30-minute film for a school assignment, we recommend you re-edit it to a shorter version.
- Do not submit the same film you submitted in previous years.
- You must make one application for every film you submit
- We will accept a maximum of 5 film submissions by any individual applicant
- If you send your film by mail, it should be a DVD, .mpg or .mov file.
- You can send more than one DVD in a single package
- No submission fee is required
- Urban Nomad has the right to determine all questions of competition eligibility

SUBMISSION FORMAT: online screener, DVD (NTSC), .mov or mpeg2

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