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Short Film Happy Hour: Come early and enjoy our short film happy hour. IT'S FREE with a ticket to any 7pm weekday screening. Regular admission is only NT$50. The lineup includes Taiwan's best short films, like REFLECTION, produced by legendary Taiwanese filmmaker Wang Tong. There are also some great international shorts sprinkled in, including the winner of Best Short Film at Sundance 2011, BRICK NOVAX'S DIARY, and Cannes Festival official selection, LA RONDE.
Short Film Awards Ceremony: April 21 (Sat) 7:15pm. We'll present the short film jury awards. Admission is NT$50 at the door (no advance).
Audience Choice Award: Every time you attend a short film program, you can cast one ballot for the 2012 Urban Nomad Audience Choice Award (NT$10,000). Every ballot also gives you a chance to win dinner for two at Taipei's best gourmet burger restaurant, KGB.

Shorts 1: The Happy Hour Is On! 4/13(Fri) 6pm
An all-star Taiwanese cast and production crew comes together for REFLECTION.

《回家》 Retour 
徐韻涵 Shiu Yun-Han/2010/Taiwan/2min/no dialogue
A WTF cell phone movie on a train. Arty and simple.

《女學生放課後2》After School 2  
This film about girls washing clothes after school is kind of retarded, though in the funniest possible way.

Brick Novax Diary
《那維克斯的荒誕日記 Brick Novax’s Diary
Matt Peidmont/US/2011/15min/En/Ch
Best Short Film Award at Sundance 2011 and a product of Penniless and now living in a seedy motel with only weeks to live, international super legend Brick Novax records his amazing tales as an astronaut, movie star, corporate CEO, and famous musician to preserve his legacy as the coolest guy in the history of the world. Watch Trailer

Chamder Tsai in REFLECTION
《美麗鏡界》 Reflection 
莊景燊 Chuang Ching-shen/2012/Taiwan/29min/Ch/En
Director Chuang Ching-shen was the producer of popular Taiwanese documentary Jump! Boys (翻滾吧男孩), and for this 29-minute short he got filmmaking legend Wang Tong (王童). Actress Chamder Tsai (蔡燦得) plays a woman who's divided between her job taking care of three retarded boys and the comfortable life her husband promises her. Eventually she learns how to be happy.

Shorts 2:Good Dreams Bad Dreams  4/16(Mon) 6pm
College guitar fantasies and moody kids with iPods. Hipster on!
江宜家 Chiang, I-Chia/2011/Taiwan/3min/no dialogue

Outside the Box
《活出宅外》 Live Outside the Box
林書玄 Lin Shu-Hsuan/2011/Taiwan/4min/no dialogue
Simon is a stressed-out office work in an office that literally eats other buildings.

《太陽自轉》 Pick Your Dream 

黃天語 Jeff Huang/2011/Taiwan/19min/Ch/En
A sci-fi scenario, in which an mysterious control office sends people through time and space to engage in experiments and also influence a coming generation. Only the controllers are not immune from their own machinations. 

Shorts 3: I ♥ NY 4/17 (Tue) 6pm
This is just the topside. Let's look at what lies beneath.
《夢境一、二、三》 Dream 1,2,3 
畢佳翰 Pi Chia-Han/2012/Taiwan/3min/中文/英文 

《回首迷途》Back to Memory
游正裕 Yu Cheng-yu/2010/Taiwan/10min/中文/英文

《被神賜與的天賦》 The Gifted Man 
畢佳翰 Pi Chia-Han/2012/Taiwan/5min/英文/中文
It's 2020. The world's resources are dwindling. People have lost the ability to sleep. World War III is about to begin....

《你和我》 You and Me 
Edward Shieh/2010/US/Portugal/14min
Breaking up is never easy. No one ever knows what to say. Yet somehow the words are the same in every language. This narrative short has an extensive film festival resume and makes it Taiwan debut here.

《紐約的底下》Below New York
Matt Finlin/2011/USA/28min/英文/中文字幕
A documentary about the musicians that perform in the subway trains and on the subway platforms of New York City. The doc is both a gritty and sentimental portrait of musicians who truly play for the love of it.

Shorts 4: 4 Ur Life 4/18 (Wed) 6pm
Spanish Internet love, is it really so different?
《對嘴》 Lip-Sync
吳梓安 Wu Tzu-An/2011/US/4min/中/英

《阿甘》 A Gump
范曉嵐 Fan Hsiao-Lan/2010/Taiwan/8min/中文/英文
A Gump is an overstressed kid, but what is the secret he's hiding?

《Aere + Songda》
Jason Sedor/2011/Taiwan/5min/無對話
Surfing without a board + a soundtrack by the Shine Shine Shine Shine. You're gonna get, like, so pitted dude!

在下一站》At the Next Stop
Luis Francisco Perez/2011/Spain/19min/ 西班牙話/英/中
Facebook love. In this Spanish short film, a guy tries to find a girl who's interested in him... by chasing down every girl on a Facebook event page. lol

《我他媽的為什麼要當藝人?》Taiwan Famous
David Frazier, Sarah Tadayon/2012/Taiwan/13min/英文/中文 
Sarah, A southern California girl with dreams of a film career ends up in Taiwan as a professional talk show guest, after her mom sends her demo tape to a popular variety show. She finds that "anybody can be on TV in Taiwan." But what does it take to stay there? 

Shorts 5: Past/Present  4/19 (Thu) 6pm
We like film stills from outer space! For real. Space is the place!
Ahand Chao 趙家賢/2012/Taiwan/3min/Ch/En
A boy, an apartment, and a girl who might be from outer space. Watch Trailer

                      La Ronde
《La Ronde》  
Sophie Goyette/2011/Canada/23min/French/En/Ch
This short was accepted to some very big film festivals, including Cannes, Locarno and Toronto. The production house is also responsible for Daniel Villaneuve's Incendies. Here, director Sophie Goyette offers a teenage girl's moving pilgrimage through a troubled suburban life. What emerges is a singular meditation on leaving, loss and the thoughts that come over a person in the night.

Jen-Hsiu Liu 劉任修/2011/Taiwan/32min/Ch/En
Zi-hao is a young real estate agent assigned to buy an aging woman out of her storefront to make way for a new development. But the woman doesn't want to sell. Zi-hao must enter the woman's life to find out why, and in doing so, he finds a conflict between career success and compassion for others. Watch Trailer

Shorts 6: Get Your Art On!  4/20 (Fri) 6pm
Yao Jui-chung has spent recent years investigating Taiwan's "mosquito museums", documenting vast sums the government spent to build buildings no one uses. 
Lin I Chen/2011/Taiwan/4min/中文/英文/Ch/En

《她的夢靨》Her Mare 
李宜珊 Jovi Lee/2012/Taiwan/4min/中文/英文/
Experimental film about a girl-style nightmare.

New from Japan's Chim↑Pom
《台北 Gaspanic》
Chim↑Pom is an internationally famous Japanese video art group (did you see the article about them in the Economist a couple weeks ago?) that has the coolest way of mixing up punk rock attitude and socially conscious commentary. This is their solution to Taipei's air pollution problem.

《在廢墟看見一道彩虹》A Rainbow Over the Ruins
Sandy Hsiu-chih Lo 羅秀芝/2012/Taiwan/30min/中/英
Artist Yao Jui-chung and LSD (Lost Society Document) have spent recent years investigating Taiwan's "mosquito museums", documenting vast sums the government spent to build buildings no one uses. Filmmaker and independent curator Sandy Lo has produced this documentary about the project, screened her for the second time ever.

Short Film Awards 4/21 (Sat) 7:15pm
Mr. Candle, Taiwanese anime, animated documentary, and NT$40,000 in prizes!

《華新街》Huashin Street 
盧冠廷, 李永超 /2011/Taiwan/10min/Ch/En
This doc brings in Waltz with Bashir-style animated sequences to tell the story of Burmese immigrants as they try to eke out a living in Taipei.

Mr. Candle 倒立先生
《Mr. Candle's Momento Journey 2010》
Acrobat and dancer Huang Ming-cheng is known for handstands. That's why he calls himself "Mr. Candle". In 2010, he went on walkabout all around Taiwan, practicing his strange art and giving street performances. This doc about that trip manages to be both introspective and feel-good at the same time.

《The Art-Qaeda Project》
Ho, Wei-Ming/2010/Taiwan/7min/no dialogue
Artists who project images onto buildings, viewing themselves as urban terrorists.

Time of Cherry Blossoms
《櫻時》Time of Cherry Blossoms 
蔡旭晟 Tsai, Shui-cheng/2011/ Taiwan/ 24min/ Taiwanese/Ch/En
In a brilliant bit of anime that recalls the work of Japan's Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away), a young boy wanders into a dilapidated temple in the Taiwanese countryside, where he encounters an array of gods in a sequence that hovers somewhere between magical and outright psychadelic.  Watch Trailer

《倒反走一回》Running Upside Down 
黃柔嘉 Jou-chia Huang/2011/US/Taiwan/ 22min/En/Ch
Lost in worlds of their own, a father and son journey towards reconciliation oceans apart while a young girl struggles to discover the world on her own terms. The film also features pretty much everyone you'd see at Bobwunday on open mic night.