Friday, April 20, 2012

Short Film Awards Tonight!!!

Which of this year's field of about 25 short films will win the 2012 BIG NOMAD PRIZE? Find out today from 7:15 to 9:15pm, when we screen a bunch of fantastic nominated shorts, hold the final voting for the audience choice award, and for good measure throw in a performance of traditional Macedonian music (just because it's awesome!) and last but not least: cloud porn.

What could be better? Admission is only NT$50!!!

The Big Nomad Award (NT$20,000) and a Jury Prize ($10,000) will be selected by an independent jury. This year's jurors are Lee Yao-hua (film director), Brook Hall (theater director) and Shu Kuo-chih (writer). The Audience Choice Award (NT$10,000) will be selected by you, the audience!

The nominees for this year's Big Nomad Award and other jury prizes are as follows:

The Art-Qaeda Project 
director: Ho, Wei-Ming
Mr. Candle's Momento Journey 2010
director: 黃明正 Huang, Mong-Cheng
Time of Cherry Blossoms 櫻時
director: 蔡旭晟 Tsai, Shui-cheng
Huasin Street 華新街
directors: Guan-Ting Lu and Yon Chaw Lee  盧冠廷 與 李永超
Daughter 女兒
director: Liu Jen-hsiu 劉任修
A Rainbow Over the Ruins 在廢墟看見一道彩虹
Sandy Hsiu-chih Lo 羅秀芝
Reflection 美麗鏡界
director: Chuang Ching-shen 莊景燊

Films will begin at 7:15pm. Once the screenings are finished, we've invited Alex and Michael to perform on tambura (a Macedonian lute) and tabla. In the background, we'll screen what Coan "Buddy" Nichols likes to call "cloud porn", super-8 footage he's shot out the windows of airplanes. At the same time, we'll count the audience ballots. Then around 9pm, we'll declare the winners.

The evening will also include a special screening of "Walking Taipei", a 5-minute short by Buddy Nichols that he shot during an Urban Nomad-sponsored residency in late 2010 and just finished editing about 3 days ago. It's just so good we couldn't wait!