Thursday, April 5, 2012

In the News

The Taiwan Oyster: Asian premier 4/12 @ Urban Nomad 
Taipei Times coverage of Urban Nomad is out today:
"Over the past decade, the Urban Nomad Film Festival has brought some of the most exciting and thought-provoking indie films from around the world to Taipei." - Catherine Shu, Taipei Times
TT's story also has Urban Nomad director David Frazier talking about hosting the upcoming Asian premier of The Taiwan Oyster, how the festival has cultivated a new audiences for docs on "culture, technology and activism", and lots of other things that make us sound, well, really good. Read the rest in the Taipei Times.

In the companion piece, we got a big ol' kick out of Alita Rickards' take on the Trippple Nippples, the Tokyo band who'll play our whompin' opening party on April 14.
"Headlining the night is Japanese art-dance-fashionista-freaks Trippple Nippples. Think Lady Gaga triplets crossed with gross-out band Gwar, and you still aren’t even close."
Further down, Rickards writes:
"The group’s wild stage antics and messy costumes have had them kicked out of various venues. 'You should think about how you could mess us up rather than worrying about how you can get away from getting messed up,' warned Yuka Nippple, who describes the group’s music as 'headache and stomachache and strawberry ice cream.'"
Read the rest here.